toy designer + 3d artist

inspiring courage, one toy at a time.


Hello, citizens! I'm Tavvon Reynolds aka The 3D Hero.

Growing up on endless hours of cartoons and tv shows, I have always aspired to become a superhero when I grew up. Just like my favorite characters, The Flash, Blue Beetle and Shazam, I'm really just a fun-loving kid inside a toy designer's body. My super power? Well, honestly, I wish it was super speed, but for now, an undying passion for art and unstoppable drive to create toys and will do.

ready to save the day!

Working in ZBrush + Maya for over 7 years, I've modeled everything from talking peanuts for Skippy to a cat with 3 faces on one head. For me, it's all about the awesome characters! If you're in need of a 3D modeler for your toy, film, commercial, or other project, The 3D Hero is here to answer the call!